January 28, 2014

Block 109: S.H.A.R.K.

Cover by Ronan Toulhoat
On my way to the Angoulème International Comics Festival, the largest comic festival in Europe!

I will be doing "dèdicaces" at the Akileos Editions stand for the release of "S.H.A.R.K." the latest spin-off episode of the Block 109 universe created by Vincent Brugeas and Ronan Toulhoat, so if you're in the area stop by and grab yourself a copy!

holy shit

It's my first french published "BD" and i'm super excited!

It's a 58 page, large format, full color, hardcover book that i've worked on for the last year set in an Australian POW camp. It involves Nazis getting beaten up, hell's angels marines, a lot of dust but quite surprisingly, NO ACTUAL SHARKS. Crazy french people!

It's been very challenging but i feel like i've learnt quite a bit from the experience, i'm quite proud and i can't wait to get back to work on the series!

Script by Vincent Brugeas.
Layouts, cover and intro pages by Ronan Toulhoat.
Colors by Giusy Gallizia.
Pencils by me!

Here's some random panels from the book!

Dust, a lot of dust everywhere.
Worth, you smartass!
Worth getting smacked in the face
Worth, you smartass! (2)
Desert Nazis
Worth punching back!
One of those days.
I sense incoming slaps in the face!
*Mickey Mouse march*

See you in Angoulème!

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