August 14, 2012

From the pile #25

I think the old markets, desert forts and uncomfortable camel rides i remember from my latest
trip to Rajahstan inspired these sketches.

Storyboard #11: Saila Vibes

Here's some storyboards i did for a series of Saila Vibes commercials.

I had so little time to work on these that i'm not particularly proud of the drawing, but it was 
fun to work closely with the director and i think the end result turned out pretty well!

Client  > Saila
Production  > Cow & Boys
Director  > Mauro Vecchi

From the pile #24

More recent sketches!

Please right click-open in a new tab to see them bigger.

Storyboard #10: Just sippin' on some OJ

I honestly have no idea what this was for, but that's how it goes i guess!
I think juice is involved.

From the pile #23


Some quick gesture/figure studies.I might have slipped in a creature or two though!