January 28, 2014

Block 109: S.H.A.R.K.

Cover by Ronan Toulhoat
On my way to the Angoulème International Comics Festival, the largest comic festival in Europe!

I will be doing "dèdicaces" at the Akileos Editions stand for the release of "S.H.A.R.K." the latest spin-off episode of the Block 109 universe created by Vincent Brugeas and Ronan Toulhoat, so if you're in the area stop by and grab yourself a copy!

holy shit

It's my first french published "BD" and i'm super excited!

It's a 58 page, large format, full color, hardcover book that i've worked on for the last year set in an Australian POW camp. It involves Nazis getting beaten up, hell's angels marines, a lot of dust but quite surprisingly, NO ACTUAL SHARKS. Crazy french people!

It's been very challenging but i feel like i've learnt quite a bit from the experience, i'm quite proud and i can't wait to get back to work on the series!

Script by Vincent Brugeas.
Layouts, cover and intro pages by Ronan Toulhoat.
Colors by Giusy Gallizia.
Pencils by me!

Here's some random panels from the book!

Dust, a lot of dust everywhere.
Worth, you smartass!
Worth getting smacked in the face
Worth, you smartass! (2)
Desert Nazis
Worth punching back!
One of those days.
I sense incoming slaps in the face!
*Mickey Mouse march*

See you in Angoulème!


"TORO" Armored Dune Buggy
I like drawing rusty, beat-up post-apocaliptic vehicles, and dinosaurs are universally recognized as cool, so i though i'd mix the two things together.

I've recently gotten into military model kit building and it's ton of fun as well as really useful to build up my "bits" mental library. Just browsing through a model catalog is super inspiring to me.
These are also an experiment to try and develop a couple of concepts built around the same theme, and a way to practice mixing my traditional drawings with digital coloring.

"T-RAX" Chopper
"RAPTOR" Walker

January 20, 2014


Practicing colors.
My ideal world includes diesel-powered engines, deserts, rusty robots, aliens and robots.

January 17, 2014

Inkwash Characters

Here's some of my favourite drawings from last year's Inktober, you can see the rest of them on my Instagram if you're interested.

All these are sepia+china ink on watercolor paper. Had a lot of fun with this and i just fell in love with the inkwash technique. If i could just do this everyday until i die and get payed for it i'd be a happy man. Just sayin'


These were all done for Inktober. I drew many cute characters (that i will post in the next update) and i wanted to draw something darker. I failed, these are kinda cute too.

All ink (and sepia inkwash) on watercolor paper.

Split Ends
Hell Hound

January 16, 2014

Two robots

This one was me trying a more instinctive approach in my digitals.

And here's a collab i've done with the great MaCa (Marco Caradonna). I did a super-rough sketch, Marco worked on it for about an hour in photoshop (he's so damn fast!) and i then went back t it for another couple of hours (photobashing and a little bit of polishing). Fun fun!


Fun with M153R3180LL-KRU.
It's good to get my hands dirty with real paint once in a while!

Me! (by Lorenzo)

Check out this awesome birthday gift i received from my buddy Lorenzo Fornaciari!

Make sure you also check out his work on his BLOG, the guy is a BEAST!!!

The Spider King

Here's a tribute piece i did for "The Spider King" an upcoming kickstarter-funded comic
by Simone D'Armini and Josh Vann. This one and many more pinups will be included in the printed book!

Pre-order your copy HERE!

January 12, 2014


Oops! haven't updated this blog in ages.

I now mostly post all the stuff i draw on my facebook page, it's by far the best way to follow my updates, so be my friend!

Here's a drawing i did for a good friend of mine, MC DEF! It was used as a cover illustration for his new self-published LP, Junglist. Had a lot of fun working on this one (almost a year ago!). If you're interested in italian hardcore rap/dubstep/DnB i suggest you listen to the whole thing HERE.

I was so proud to see my art on the streets of Bologna!