April 23, 2012


cover by William B. Hand


Here's a quick update.I'll be attending Napoli Comicon 2012 (28/04 - 01/05) along with my friends
of the Corto Comix collective Gianluca Romano & Zerocalcare!

Come say hello and check out Sonnambulo issue #2 (in case you haven't already, issue #1 too!)
and ANTIFA!nzine #3.

The cover for this issue was again painted by William B.Hand,
and there's an 8 page interview with Paolo Barbieri.

Art by Paolo Barbieri
Here's a couple of pages from my own contribution to the magazine:
"Bloodshed "(script by Federico Fornara, art by me)

And here's a taste of the other short stories you'll find in this issue:

(script: Lisa Dallari art: Davide Castelluccio)

"Il guardiano"
(script: Andrea Forgione art: Michel Mammi)

"Il paradigma della 25esima storia"
(script: Francesco Tedeschi art: Manu Cafferini)

"Satana non vuole la mia anima"
(script: Giovanni Tondelli art: Lorenzo Fornaciari)

"Il divoratore di sogni"
(story: Francesco Tedeschi art: Lorenzo Nuti)