October 25, 2012

From the pile #26: INSTA-DUMP 3

Here's a couple more pretentious pictures of rough doodles from the scrap pile.

Now that i've finished working on Madadh (see previous post), i'm working on
"S.H.A.R.K", a spin-off of the Block 109 series, created by Ronan Toulhoat and
Vincent Brugeas published by Akileos.

Check the facebook page for updates, or stay tuned,
i'll talk more about it in the following post!

October 7, 2012

MADADH #5 teaser

Here's a splash page from my contribution to the 5th issue of Madath, an italian comic series written and created by Tommaso De Stefanis and drawn by a bunch of really nice people (including Michel Mammi, Francesca Ciregia, Michele Bertilorenzi and my ex-teacher Matteo Scalera).

It's the first time i've drawn 24 consecutive pages in a row and I woudn't have made it without the assistance of my brother in arms Lorenzo Fornaciari (first time i've seen my pages inked by someone else but me, and i coudn't be more pleased).

Here's the layout and pencils for the page, in case you're interested.
I'll post more pages in the next couple of weeks!