February 28, 2012

2000AD Sample Pages

Here are a bunch of pages from a 2000AD sample script by Richard McTighe, "Future Shocks: Holed Up".

 Here's the layout:

I'm also working on another sample script, here's some sketches and a layout for "The Colossal Wealth of Karn Foul-Eye".

by the way, HAPPY 35th BIRTHDAY 2000AD!

February 18, 2012


cover by William B. Hand

Here's "Conflitto" a short story that appeared on Sonnambulo #1, an 88 page self-published comic magazine i created with some ex-classmates from the Scuola Internazionale di Comics.

The magazine was presented at Lucca Comics & Games 2011 and issue #2 will be out in time for Mantova Comics & Games 2012.
Gotta keep yourself busy!

The cover you see above is by William B.Hand (how cool is that?).


And here are some sketches i did for the story, in case you're into that kind of thing.

Here's what else you'll find in the first issue:

"Il pozzo" 
(script: Lisa Dallari art: Francesco Francini)

"Era tutto un sogno" 
(script: Francesco Tedeschi art: Michel Mammi)

(script: Federico Fornara art: Davide Castelluccio)

"Le Metamorfosi" 
(script: Giovanni Tondelli art: Lorenzo Fornaciari)

"Hamistagan" (story: Andrea Forgione art: Ryan Lovelock)

as well as an 8 page interview with Valerio Evangelisti!

Come say wasssaaaaap at our table at Mantova Comics & Games 2012 and grab youself a copy! (please) :D

February 8, 2012


Worked a little more on this sucker.
Any kind of feedback is much appreciated!