January 26, 2013


Some angry-looking (un)dead dude.
Click to see it larger.


  1. I remember seeing this come across my feed and thinking it was really awesome! Love the energy you've pushed into his pose. I think you could even push the values further to really amp up the contrast and push the drama of the image. Perhaps really push the strong light from above/behind or instead push the under light even further to really make this sucker pop up off the image! Great work as always, dude! Love seeing your scribbles.

    1. hey there Ryan! thank you! after a lot of time neglecting digitals (mostly for lack of confidence and serious studying) i'm finally starting to have with it! I actually reworded the image together with a friend (as you saw on deviantart) which i think looks better. I'm starting do some more serious value studies that will hopefully all my next paintings! thank you for stopping by :)