January 4, 2012

BURP! #1

In June 2009 (yeah I know, there's a LOT of catching up to do), me and a couple of art school buddies decided to publish our own comic magazine: "Burp! Deliri Grafico Intestinali".

You can read every issue online here (only in italian, sorry!)

I painted the cover (see above) and drew the first episode of "Bego!", which followed the misadventures of a dude with a maggot head ("Bego" is a local dialect term that means maggot/worm, as the ones you would use as bait for fishing.Oh, and "worm" is a derogative term used worldwide, i think).
The story was very loosely inspired by Bologna and italian "poliziotteschi" movies.

Anyway, here's episode 1.
Be gentle.

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